Tiago Mattos | Sputnik

He is a Futurist, Entrepreneur, Educator and Author.  Professor of Futurism at the Trans-Disciplinary Innovation Program (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).  Graduated from GSP12 Singularity University. He is part of the NASA and Google projects that over a ten-week period share learning about artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotech, biotech, space engineering and positive impact.  Only 80 people a year are selected for the GSP (which has as its criteria the ability to impact one billion people in up to ten years). Graduated from TIP (where he had the opportunity to listen and interact with 14 Nobel Prize winners).  He deepened his knowledge of the future of work in a rapid immersion at MIT, with Prof. Thomas W. Malone (author of 'The Future of Work') and the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto.  He has had his work mentioned in Fast Company at Forbes and was the cover of Você S / A Sul magazine. His ideas on Futurism have been heard in audiences in South America, Central America, North America, Europe and Asia. Co-founder of Perestroika, Aeroli and other entrepreneurial initiatives.

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